Each week, more than 2,000,000 children and youth gather

in Awana clubs ALL around the world. That’s 20 children

at Harwood Terrace Baptist Church in Bedford, TX, 780 at

Appleton Alliance Church in Wisconsin, 37,000 in the state

of Florida, 25,000 in Venezuela, and 450,000 in Africa ALL

participating in Awana.

We all, as Awana leaders, are serving together in the work of

the gospel to reach these children. But what about the family,

community and world beyond your church? Are you bringing

the hope of Christ to them?

We are ALL, leaders and children alike, a part of worldwide

mission. How many children and youth are you influencing

in your community? That is your Jerusalem. Who are the

children and youth living around your region? That is your

Judea and Samaria. How many children and youth are still

waiting to hear the hope of the gospel beyond even your

current vision? That is the ends of the earth.

• We are ALL a part of a global effort to reach all children

and youth with the gospel of Christ.

• With God’s help, we can reach non-churched children and

youth through Awana.

• Your Awana club can have an eternal impact beyond the

walls of your church.

• We must commit to rethink the reach of our club. Are we

only committed to reaching the children and youth within

our church or will we commit to witness in our Jerusalem,

Judea, Samaria, and even the ends of the earth?

                        Rethink your reach.





Conference dates for 2014

October  4th - First Evangelical - Vancouver - 1/2 day

October 11th - Westminster Chapel - Bellevue

October 18th  -  Westwood Baptist - Olympia

October 25th -  Christ the Rock - Port Orchard





… and you will be my

witnesses in Jerusalem,

and in all Judea and

Samaria, and to the

ends of the earth.

Acts 1:8b


AWANA Missionaries,
Southwest Washington and Olympic Peninsula